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Sitharaman inaugurates Axis Bank Mon branch

FM Axis bank

Dimapur, August 23: Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman today inaugurated Axis Bank Mon Branch during her visit to Mon District.
Sitharaman in her address stated that it was her third visit to the district and narrated about her visit to Longwa during her tenure as the Defence Minister which had left a deep impression in her.
After interaction with the Konyaks, Sitharaman stated that she was impressed by the way they organised themselves and acknowledged that the people living in the international borders faced severe challenges.
She stressed on the importance of financial inclusion which the Prime Minister very strongly takes up to ensure inclusion for all strata of the society through various schemes. She stated that such inclusion provides people access to credit without much security which is very crucial for most people in the bottom layer of the economy who often fall prey to middlemen who charge exorbitant interest rates.
She also stressed on the importance of connectivity both physical and digital connectivity to ensure access to facility and security.
Sitharaman thanked and appreciated Axis Bank and its management for reaching out so far to provide space for financial inclusion and access all kinds of facilities.
She also expressed appreciation to the Axis Bank management teams in Assam and Meghalaya which are simultaneously being inaugurated along with Mon Branch and conveyed the same message to the people there.
With two powerful Konyak representatives as Minister in the State Government and an MP in the Centre, Sitharaman appealed to the community to ensure inclusion of all the people in the schemes of both the State and Central Government. She also appealed to the people to avail the facilities to the fullest and become productive units of the society as job creators.
MD & CEO, Axis Bank, Amitabh Choudhary on behalf of Axis Bank, thanked the Finance Minister for personally coming to dedicate the four branches in the Northeast.
He stated that the flow of investments in the Northeast was just the beginning and asserted that the desire of the Bank is to expand even further and provide banking facilities in all parts of the region.
Vice President, Axis Bank, Vishal Shah delivered the vote of thanks where he thanked the Minister for personally coming the bless Axis Bank Mon and the other three branches in Northeast.
He further thanked Nagaland Member of Parliament, Phangnon Konyak, Ministers from Nagaland Government, District Administration, Police and all those responsible for the success of the event.
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