Sisterhood Network observes Int’l Day of Rural Women

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 15: The International Day of Rural Women was observed today at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on the theme “Rural Women and Girls building climate resilience” where large number of female participants from the rural areas of the state participated. The Day was organised by Sisterhood Network
Sponsorship coordinator, Sisterhood Network, Nancy Sangtam exhorted the gatherings and presented a survey of their findings. She said 11 villages were toured under Dimapur and Peren District and out of 364 people interviewed, 180 were males and 184 females.
Stating that most of the females are unaware about the rural schemes meant for them, she said as per the survey 118 females had knowledge on some of the government schemes while 66 females feigned ignorance about any of the centrally sponsored schemes for women.
Whereas out of 180 males interviewed 152 males are aware of many schemes and the remaining 28 males has no idea on any such schemes.
On availability of the schemes as per the survey, Nancy Sangtam said out of 184 females 97 said they availed schemes and 87 females did not avail any such schemes. And 126 males availed schemes out of 180.
In terms of climate change affecting the livelihood of the rural population she said that out of the 364 interviewed 281 people agreed that climate change is affecting their livelihood too.
She said that as per the report 342 stated that they are finding difficulty in accessing natural resources due to climate change in the rural areas. 289 people agreed that females and girls were the most affected due to climatic change.
Nancy Sangtam further stated that males are more aware than women and we should help the females more aware of the many schemes. Awareness is the first stage, she remarked.
Sakhi One Stop Centre IT staff Tiasenla W. Jamir deliberated at length on the various schemes initiated by the central government for the betterment of the women folks and urged all to avail benefits of schemes. Violence against women and girl child should not be tolerated by the society, she said.
“The present day human trafficking is continuing unabated where young girls are lured to different cities on the pretext of providing jobs and better life and finally they end up in immoral activities. We need to be aware of such happenings and it should be stopped,” she remarked.
Horticulture Scientist, ICAR, NEH Region, Dr. Azeze Seyiye speaking on the occasion said it is an important day and the efforts of women are recognized in the world.
She said, “Females in the Naga societies are much better compared to other societies which we come across. Life is full of challenges in villages. Women can play far better role in conserving the nature. Everything in our daily lives is directly or indirectly related to land, water, soil and many other features of nature”.
Dr. Seyiye elaborated on many governmental schemes meant for the women and said people should come forward to avail it.
Awareness should be created by the gathered members, she urged and added that the world is changing at a faster rate and we also need to adapt too in this changing times.
Dwelling on the rural population of the state, she said, “68 % of Naga rural populations depend on agriculture produce and forestry. Villagers should shed off monetary benefits from undergoing training, an enthusiasm should be created to learn more and spread the information for the benefits of all”.
On Man-animal conflicts, she said, “We clear the jungles in the rural areas for our settlements and by doing so we contribute in causing the extinctions of trees, plants, birds and animals and other natural resources.”
PRO, Dimapur Police, Relo T Aye deliberating on climate change and women stated that one should prepare oneself for the climate change which is happening at quick pace and it will affect each and every one us in span of times and for which we all need to think of ways to not pollute the environment and also conserve the natural resources left at our disposal.
Relo said that the Dimapur police administration is trying to extend services to women at their door steps and presently there are online facilities to lodge a complaint.
He said since the establishment of women police station in 2016 only one case was registered and in 2017 three cases were registered and in 2018 two cases were registered and in 2019 no cases were registered till so far and urged womenfolk that they so they should shed of the boundaries and report on any ill treatment or domestic violence meted out to them. It will set an example before others also, he urged the gathering.
Elaborating on ways to deal with domestic violence against females, he said hardly people are coming forward to lodge complaints. Until and unless the females turn up and lodge complaints police is helpless too. Women should come forward and take the initiative of protecting themselves from any forms of domestic violence, he added
The welcome address was delivered by FPAR Co-researcher, Sisterhood Network Eva Rongmei. Video clips were displayed as presentation. Director of Sisterhood Network, Azungla James acknowledged the gatherings. (Page News Service)