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Sikkim goes ‘innovative’, says new department for ‘non performing’ Babus

Nagaland News

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, APRIL 7: It’s a serious business and may yet sound just a prank.
Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay says: “We have plans to create a new department where Engineers, Accounts Officers or even the likes of Additional Chief Secretaries, who do not work and become an obstacle for public work, will be transferred.”
He further said, “No official vehicles for them, but only salary. Such employees create hurdles and need to be kept aside so that other efficient employees can be productive.”
Golay was speaking at an entrepreneurs’ event in Samman Bhawan in Gangtok on April 5.
Media reports say, this is not the first time the Chief Minister has expressed his displeasure at non-performance of Government employees.
In 2021, an extensive drive was conducted against officials entering Government offices late for work, with the issuance of show-cause notices for late comers. However, the same measure resulted in punctuality among officials only for a month and soon the efforts seemed to have fizzled out and lost its influence.
Some sections of Government employees in Northeastern States are notorious and lazy vis-à-vis their sincerity and punctuality as perhaps also in the rest of India.
In Assam, old timers called it the ‘Lahe Lahe syndrome’ attributing taking things lazily and moving the files immensely slow.
In Nagaland ~ late Vamuzo as Chief Minister ~ once jokingly told his deputy (IK Sema of Congress), “We are in the Nagaland Government and here the main problem is Na jaaneho”.
The phrase Na jaaneho (I do not know) is often uttered by Government employees and the same is even ‘used’ to shirk work.
The Sikkim Chief Minister, however, clarified that not all Government employees are lazy or negligent in their duties.
“There could be two from a group of 10 employees who could hinder the progress of work. If it is a work that needs to be completed in a day, it should be completed in a day. But the same work gets stretched to months, hampering the honest public of Sikkim. The function of bureaucracy is to ease the public’s work and not become an obstacle themselves”, he said.
In 1990, Golay himself had joined as a graduate teacher under the HRD Department in the
Government of Sikkim and served till 1993 when he decided to join active politics.
At the national level, not to forget no less than illustrious TN Seshan, a former Chief Election Commissioner, had described the IAS fraternity as ‘I am Sorry’ club.
Most people would privately endorse such a view even up to this day.