Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Shürhozelie suspects BJP eye on Article 371A


Kohima, July 24: Naga People Front president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsü has expressed apprehension about the Narendra Modi government possibly wanting to attack the special constitutional provision for Nagaland.
“Union Home Minister Amit Shah has more than once mentioned about striking out Article 370 (pertaining to Kashmir). If they do that then who knows they may come for us after that,” said Dr Shürhozelie.
Nagaland is constitutionally protected by Article 371A through which Nagas here enjoy rights over land and its resources. The BJP has consistently spoken for a debate for removal of Article 370 granting special status to Kashmir.
The NPF president said that the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre is doing small things which indicated that they wanted to bring changes to India. “India is one country they say one nation and small things are being done. Nagaland is a Christian state and we are proud of our traditions and identity. The NPF’s aim has always been an honourable political solution for the Nagas for which we have always been ready to help,” he said.
NPF had invited the BJP to join the DAN alliance in 2003 when the BJP had won seven seats, the NPF supremo said. Later they had won just two seats and those legislators (Y Patton and MC Konyak) had then joined the NPF.
“But we still respected the BJP as an alliance partner. Whether we are in opposition or ruling NPF has always stood for principles, we do not change,” he said. “But that is not with the BJP. I would say I am disappointed with BJP, said Dr Shürhozelie, an octogenarian who still sits with a straight spine.
In Manipur the NPF is simply supporting the Biren Singh government not for any warmth for BJP, Dr Shürhozelie made it clear in his low but firm, voice.
Dr Shürhozelie will be visiting Dimapur on Thursday morning to inaugurate a party office in Dimapur.
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