Shürhozelie releases T Kikon’s autobiography


NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu along with author T Kikon, his wife and others during the launching of the book “Beyond the banyan tree” on October 25, 2019.

Kohima, October 25: A living Interim Body member of Nagaland, T Kikon has written his autobiography titled “Beyond the Banyan Tree”. The book was formally released by NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu at De Oriental Grand here today.
The book assumes significance as Kikon has written chapters on political activities for Nagaland statehood which comprises events such as Naga Peoples’ Convention, Formation of the Interim Body, The journey of statehood, incidents of Naltoga, Mangkolemba & Chuchuyimlang, and also Birth of Nagaland state – the first general election, declining an invitation, peace mission & peace talks, how british made new boundary demarcations etc.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Liezietsu while acknowledging that it is difficult to compile a book covering 6-7 decades of a man’s life, expressed hope that the autobiography of T Kikon will become a historical record for Nagas a whole as he is one among the five surviving Interim Body Members installed after the signing of the 16 Point Agreement in 1960.
“At that particular period of time, the situation was vulnerable due to opposition to the Agreement by the underground. Against such a backdrop, he survived a few ambushes due to divine intervention,” recalled Dr Liezietsu.
Lauding Kikon for bringing out his fourth book and also for contributions to Lotha literature, Dr Liezietsu said literature is very important for Naga people. “Nagas have very rich tradition and culture but we have been very careless in preserving our literature,” he opined.
Lamenting that many Naga family do not use their own language but converse in Nagamese, he expressed fear that many Naga languages would face the threat of extinction. He cited that India has over 450 languages but the concentration is barely on 10 languages while some are already extinct and some on the verge of extinction.
He therefore emphasized on the need for Nagas to start preserving and protecting the Naga languages as one’s identity is own through language.
Sharing about book, the 86 year old Interim Body member and former politician, Kikon said the autobiography is not just about my story but has been incorporated with many points of interest and programmes.
It talks about the protagonist who steps out beyond the familiar village life to a new world opening up for the Nagas at that point of time, he said.
“It took me several years to write my autobiography because I had to refer to my daily diaries dating right back to the late 1940s,” he said, adding that “this autobiography is a piece of me where I have related events and situations as it happened then”. This book is not about self adulation or to drag about thing that I have accomplished, he said, adding that he was very concerned that some tangible record must be kept behind for posterity and so he took the task of writing the book. “If we, as educated elders do not leave any records behind then I would be failing completely,” he said.
“This autobiography does not in any way intend to hurt the sentiments of anybody but is a small way of setting the record straight, as I believe it has long been overdue,” Kikon added.
Rev Dr Ezamo Murry gave a review of the book and also offered the dedicatory prayer. Selected portion of the book was read out by Yanthünglo K. Humtsoe.
With the intent to pass on the record to younger generation, the 216 paged book is priced at Rs 300. In Dimapur it will be available at News World near DMC office, Modern Book Depot near Deluxe Point, Reader’s Emporium at Nyamo Lotha Road and Book & Book Midland while for Kohima it can purchased from Variety Book Depot Old NST, Scholar Book House New NST, Students’ Book Centre PR Hill near SBI and Kohima Book Centre TCP Gate.
(Page News Service)