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Shift focus from electoral politics to facilitating & resolving Naga Political Issue: GPRN/NSCN to GoN

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 21: President of GPRN/NSCN, Gen (Retd), MB Neokpao Konyak today urge the current dispensation at Kohima, headed by Nagaland state Chief Minister, to shift focus from electoral politics to facilitating and resolving the Indo-Naga political problem.
In his 44th Naga Republic Day address at Naga Unification Camp, Khehoyi, Konyak stated that rampant extortion and corruption in our social, political and economic spheres is the Achilles’ heel of the Naga people.
He said solution to Indo-Naga problem is the only answer to the perennial burden on the people and reminded the Naga public and leaders at all levels to seriously pursue and assist in salvaging the history and identity as facilitators and stakeholders.
The GPRN/NSCN president also urged the Government of India to seriously realize the long term danger of harbouring and legitimizing the mushrooming obstructive elements forming new groups.
The wayward, unprincipled wealth diggers, status and position addicts do not auger well for either GoI or Nagas because their sole aim is to garner wealth by any means and stay relevant, he stated adding politically immature and unproven, restless leaders cannot convince the Naga people on the Naga political front.
Creating fear psychosis through arms and burdening the public is a crime, he further said.
Stating that the Agreed Position and negotiated status papers are sacred political documents widely known and accepted by all Nagas, Konyak said the hard work of GoI Interlocutors, representatives and Convener and Co-Conveners of WC, NNPGs have earned the appreciation of the Naga people. He also hoped that that GoI and WC, NNPGs will not be distracted by activities of defectors and opportunists desiring to be noticed through threats and intimidations against politicians, contractors, traders and commercial outlets in Nagaland.
He appealed to the apex Naga tribal bodies, Village Headmen and elders, Churches, concerned civil societies and common citizens to not stay silent on the primary task of resolutely standing for honourable and acceptable solution to the Indo-Naga political problem.
On the occasion, he said Naga Republic Day symbolizes maturity of their struggle, cohesiveness of our people, uncompromising goal and vision for our common future.
“We believe that Government of India (GoI), in the course of political talks with Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), have clearer understanding of the Indo-Naga political problem in its correct perspective”, he said.
“As we celebrate our Republic Day, we owe it to our forefathers, the fallen patriots. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren and those after them. They deserve a better future!” he added.
He also applauded the Naga tribal Hohos, village headmen and elders, Churches and peace oriented civil societies and organizations who have upheld the unresolved Naga issue in their thoughts and prayers.
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