Thursday, September 23, 2021

Shelter seeking exercise

Editorial 2

For anything that is wrong or goes wrong, it is so easy, convenient and self-gratifying to blame some body or something or the other rather than to introspect, analyse and honestly concede one’s failure and accept blame. In the process, one also reveals one’s character and calibre. And, that is something we have seen a lot in our elected representatives. So, for Nagaland’s Minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs to attribute a large portion of the State Government’s failure to deliver the good on the “vexed” Naga political issue ~ in an interaction with media persons on September 9 ~ is but an exercise in seeking shelter in comfort zone. The people have heard this before too many times and everyone knows that it is not strictly true and/or correct. While insurgency has had severe adverse impact on the growth, development and progress of Nagaland, it is not the sole factor ~ the people and all elected representatives, past and present, know it only too well. So, at this stage, it would serve the interest of our elected representatives to do serious soul-searching and accept blame for our State’s un-balanced and stunted status on almost all human security indexes. Our bureaucrats, past and present, would also serve their own interests by giving company to our elected representatives in this soul-searching exercise. And, in the process, stop insulting the intelligence of the people. For one, we still don’t know whether there is an “opposition-less government” in Nagaland or not but if there is, it must prove that it’s “facilitation” to resolve the Naga political issue will be done within a time-frame ~ and announce this time-frame. Meanwhile, none should be surprised that if the “opposition-less government” fails, it may very well blame the Naga political issue and/or insurgency for its failure. Tongue-twisting is, after all, a special gift of politicians. Secondly, what assurance, what guarantee do the people have vis-à-vis Nagaland’s growth, development and progress, even after the Naga political issue is resolved? Can tigers and leopards change their stripes and spots? Everyone is endowed with special characteristics, calibre and talents ~ the people have seen our elected representatives’ special characteristics, calibre and talents and they don’t particularly show any promise of state-building. But why do we need to repeatedly say the same things all these decades? Perhaps, because we repeatedly keep on electing the same old same olds ~ okay, a few same youngs ~ which actually necessitates the question: are younger people any better than older ones? We haven’t seen any youthful creativity, originality and josh that we imagine the younger lot are full of. What we basically see is them walking the same beaten path. So, probably we shouldn’t make a big deal about “young”, “youth”. At the end of the day, it’s the value-system, knowledge, wisdom and open-mindedness, which actually aren’t youth-centric. But of course the vast majority of our people don’t read Editorials ~ they prefer to read politicos’ lips. So, definitely our cup of woes isn’t filled up by insurgency alone ~ but it is a convenient tool in politicos’ hands. Ergo, every election, this tool is hammered to turn squares into rounds and vice versa. Be that as it may, it would definitely be glorious to live in the Nagaland of 2030 because our State Government has labored very hard to envision what our State would be nine years hence. Nagaland’s SDG Vision Document, after all, does obliquely send the message that within these nine years, the Naga political issue would be resolved, funds would be solely utilized for the purpose they are meant to, all rank and file of our Government employees would turn into new leaf, no absenteeism, no proxies, no backdoor appointments, all wrongs righted, etc., ~ and no politics, only development. Provided, of course, the same people are re-elected. Anyway, on September 9, the Community Health Centre (CHC) for eight villages of Kezochazou Range, Kohima district, was inaugurated at Kezocha, which our newspapers covered. Several worthies attended it and spoke during the inaugural programme ~ nothing original there, just the usual stuff. But noticeably, MLA and Advisor for Youth Resources & Sports reacted to a TV channel report on Nagaland’s abysmal performance on Niti Aayog’s SDG goals and reportedly termed it as false propaganda with an attempt to malign Rio and Nagaland Government’s image. No one needs to do that ~ our Government does a very good job of maligning itself.