Creative Writings


“SHE” is a woman of not just compromise but affirmation too!
She, who embraces your sins as blunder,
And prays for forgiveness, for the innocence that she only sees in you
She, who would walk up to Heaven or Hell if she could,
Just to question the pain that you’re going through
She, whom God replaced his angels with to look after you
She, who has fought wars and bears battle scars
Just to see you living free
She, who has might and wisdom endowed;
Yet chooses to let you set your will
She, who has led nations to victory and ended reigns
She, whose love for her allies and hatred for foes
Has led many to ruin and beyond
She has no intent to harm but only protect
For SHE is not just a woman…
Not just a MOTHER
She is a GODDESS!
For every Man or Woman born a God
Was born of a MOTHER.
There “SHE” is…. A MOTHER!

Bendangliba Longkumer (Benli Long)