Sunday, March 26, 2023

Shahnaz Husain Interview on International Women Day

Question 1. How many challenges were faced by you in life being a women entrepreneur?
Answer (Shahnaz Husain): I was married at the age of 15 and by the time I was 16, I had become a mother.
Soon my husband was posted at Tehran as head of STC. I became bored with the drudgery of endless routine and the mental upheaval began. I was always interested in beauty and in making others beautiful, so I decided on beauty as a career. I worked my way to all the beauty training academies of the West. While training in England, I came across instances of damage caused by chemical lotions. I started searching for a method that was safe and without any risks. I returned home and started by first Herbal Salon in a small way, in my own home, after borrowing Rs.35,000 /- from my father. I also faced social and economic hurdles, but the support I received from my family helped me to establish my work.
Question 2. You are among the most successful women leader and entrepreneur. How to do get motivated when faced with immense difficulties and problems
Answer (Shahnaz Husain): I have often been asked to speak of the secret of my success. Actually, the answer lies my attitude towards life. I have never believed in destiny. I believe that you can make your own destiny. You can be what you will yourself to be. I have always had a positive attitude towards life. I am not afraid of challenges. I have always welcomed challenges and have turned them into opportunities. I have always looked ahead with optimism. Another important aspect of my personality is that I never stop trying. I believe that if you keep trying, you cannot fail.
Question 3. How do you view young women entrepreneurs emerging in modern times?
Answer (Shahnaz Husain): A woman leader can be as successful as a man. Her innovative ideas can go a long way to inspire other to recognize you as a leader. One should think big and present the big picture and make others believe that it can be achieved. One should be able to make others a part of your dream. For the vision to be shared, the ability to communicate effectively with others is important. The human aspect is also important….to reach out to others, at the human level, especially during tough times. It is important to realize that one cannot achieve anything alone. It is the effort of the team as a whole that counts. Appreciating the efforts of others and commending them is important.
Question 4. How do you rate women entrepreneurs /professionals in comparison to Men in modern world?
Answer (Shahnaz Husain): I believe that a woman can be as successful as a male leader. The human aspect is important….to reach out to others, at the human level, especially during tough times. A woman can be good at this. While managing her different roles of wife, housewife, mother and career woman efficiently, women learn time-management, patience and even handle home budgets. Women can work hard and acquire knowledge. She can inspire and motivate others. Appreciating the efforts of others and commending them is important, which women can do. A woman has the ability to nurture and show sympathy. Thus, she can nurture others and form a team. This is so important in order to be a leader.
Shahnaz Husain is international fame beauty expert and is called Herbal Queen of India