Wednesday, April 24, 2024

SF restrains ‘mass return’ of personnel to Nagaland till Sept

Kohima, August 7: In the wake of increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases being reported among different security and paramilitary forces in Nagaland, the authorities have assured the State government to reschedule the return of their jawans on leave till September.
“We are not imposing any such restrictions but they themselves have decided at their level to reschedule (the return of jawans),” Principal Secretary (Home) Abhijit Sinha said today.
It has to be done in a calibrated manner, he said, adding that “no order have been issued in this connection, but it was discussed during a meeting of the Home Department held on Thursday with different security forces including Assam Rifles, BSF and CRPF, while the Army have their people in their camps.
Already so many security personnel have tested positive, so they want to manage in such a way that their personnel returns only after the present space used for quarantine are available for more accommodation, he said.
“During the meeting they have informed about the rescheduling of their people and take further decisions on allowing their return only after the situation here improves,” said Sinha.
As on Thursday, the security and paramilitary forces – Assam Rifles, BSF, CRPF and Army comprise more than 43 per cent, that is, 1,117 positive patients out of the total 2,580 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the State.
During the meeting, Assam Rifles authorities assured to manage the current existing positive cases by planning the leave and return of the jawans in scattered manner till September, confirmed PRO Headquarters Inspector General of Assam Rifles (North), Lt. Col L. Vincent Patton.
He said though there is no official notification issued, but a ‘goodwill commitment’ of the Assam Rifles authority to streamline the leave and return of the officers and jawans while also disallowing mass return to avoid piling of the cases.
“It is not about restricting anyone’s return, but about managing their return in a scattered manner and discouraging mass return,” said Lt. Col Patton.
PRO (Defence) Kohima Lt Col Sumit Kumar Sharma also confirmed the matter on similar lines saying that the army and paramilitary forces are managing their own quarantine centers while the tests are being conducted at the state owned laboratories.
However, with constraints of space to accommodate more returnees, it has been decided to call back the personnel on leave in a staggered manner only after those already in quarantine completing the requisite period so that space can be made available for the new returnees.
All returnees are made to undergo mandatory testing as per COVID-19 protocol during the quarantine period, Lt Col Sharma asserted. (Page News Service)