Monday, September 20, 2021

‘Sexual harassment allegations against CJI should be dealt with as per procedure’

New Delhi, April 22: The Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association (SCAORA) on April 22 expressed “deep reservation” against “procedural impropriety” shown by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi in dealing with sexual harassment allegations against him and said the charges should be dealt with as per established procedure.
In a resolution passed on April 22, the top court lawyers’ body said, “The allegation of the ex-employee of the Supreme Court have to be dealt with as per the established procedure of law and law must be applied in each and every case uniformly”.
“It is therefore resolved that the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association strongly disapproves the manner in which the complaint was dealt with and seeks enquiry and action in the above matter and further seeks immediate appointment of a committee headed by full court of the Supreme Court to impartially investigate and inquire into the allegations made against the Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, and give independent finding into the matter,” the resolution said.
The SCAORA is a body of lawyers which comprises advocates empowered by the apex court to file pleadings on behalf of parties in the top court.
Allegations of sexual harassment had cropped up against the CJI on April 20 prompting him to convene an urgent extraordinary hearing in which he asserted that the charges by a former apex court staffer were “unbelievable” and part of a conspiracy by some “bigger force” to “deactivate” the CJI’s office.
As the allegations by the former woman staffer who had worked at Justice Gogoi’s home office in Delhi and dating back to October stunned the judiciary, the CJI had said he would not stoop too low even to deny them. (Courtesy: The Hindu)