Severe action against defectors within NNPGs: WC

Severe action against defectors within NNPGs: WC

Dimapur, March 29: The Working Committee of 6 NNPGs presently, negotiating with the GoI, has had an emergency meeting in New Delhi on the issue of rampant defection of national workers among the NNPGs.
The Working Committee, henceforth, has decided to empower the civil and military authorities of respective political groups to identify and deal with these unprincipled members before they disturb, destabilise and destroy the unity and integrity of the NNPGs and derail the ongoing political dialogue with Government of India.
In a press release issued by N. Kitovi Zhimomi, Convener, Working Committee and Wangtin Naga, Co-Convenor, the Working Committee said that nothing can be more dangerous than elements with ulterior motives who do not understand the meaning of Indo-Naga political solution.
It said knowing fully well that there would be restless, selfish and immature individuals within the NNPGs, who would seek higher ranks and plump assignments through defection, with least regard for the progress and status of the Indo-Naga political dialogue, the Working Committee (WC) signed a joint declaration/commitment on 13th May 2017, 19th September 2017, 6th October 2017, and reaffirmed the same on January 2018, upholding the principal of reconciliation and unity in letter and spirit so as not to entertain any defection among the NNPG’s and also cautioning those defectors within the 6 NNPGs to rejoin the parent institutions at the earliest.
The WC said while much reasoning and patience have been shown to these elements, the disturbing character and activities of few national workers among the NNPGs have been noted.
Stating that they appear to be deaf and blind to the situational reality in pursuit of individual benefits, the Convener and Co-conveners of Working Committee, NNPGs, appealed to these restless and unsettled National Workers to recommit and rededicate themselves to whichever National political Group one first affiliated and owe allegiance to. (Page News Service)