Saturday, June 19, 2021

Seva Dal and Young Brigade formed in Peren district

Dimapur, March 17: The Seva Dal Unit and Young Brigade team of Peren District was launched on March 12 at Jalukie Town.
Akavi N Zhimomi, Secretary(Organization) NPCC cited the example of salt march by Mahatma Gandhi and encouraged the youths to work hard though less in number. He pointed out that BJP is against dynastic politics and cautioned that BJP would be against kinship which is hereditary in Nagaland.
He said Modi promised to bring back black money and uproot corruption but Nirav Modi is roaming freely outside India.
He said that BJP does not have any regard for the commoners. There is job scarcity everywhere and people are suffering. He also hit out at the State BJP President, Imna Along for saying that they will not break away from the BJP even if CAB is passed if BJP is elected to power.
X Chophika Sumi, State Co-cordinator, Social Media, NPCC said that Nagas do not pay Income Tax but we are paying tax through different ways and Modi is misusing the tax payers money at the cost of his publicity. He said the Modi Government has renamed most of the schemes initiated by the UPA Government.
He pointed how the BJP opposed the implementation of Aadhar, GST, FDI when it was in opposition but implemented the same in haste after it came to power.
He said the BJP recently inaugurated 2 AIIMS institutes but it has put the careers of hundreds of students in jeopardy because the academic session has commenced in temporary campuses.
He called the BJP Government a ‘Jumla Government’. He also took a dig at Arun Jaitley’s statement for giving an option to the people either to choose ‘Modi’ or ‘Chaos’ . He called upon the youths to start working now so as to bring change.
Mughabe, President, Young Brigade, Dimapur District said that so many youngsters talk against corruption on Facebook but does not walk the talk in reality. He also highlighted about the progress of Congress in Dimapur District. (Page News Service)