Saturday, June 22, 2024

‘Serendipity’ by Elongshila Jamir released


Dimapur, December 19: Serendipity, a debut book by Elongshila Jamir was released by Prof J Longkumer, SASRD Nagaland University, Medziphema campus, on December 18 at Cafe Leon, Dimapur.
She marked Elongshila Jamir’s first foray into the realm of poetry as a published poet is a celebration of discovery, self-acknowledgement and acceptance, inspiration, faith and that Serendipity captures the promise of a budding poet whose art is simple yet unafraid, raw yet potent; poetry that resonates with us and assures us that her voice will be one to be reckoned with.
Dr Lanusangla Tzudir in the publisher’s note mentioned that Elongshila, though a shy and quiet girl, has shown so much interest and hard work in writing and editing books while she was working as an intern at the publishing house.
She added that it is a joy to celebrate her dream as a writer.
A book review was given by Inakali Assumi, Assistant Professor and a writer. In her review of the book, Assumi said that, “Serendipity is a narrative that moves on from personal and honest revealing of hidden emotions in a nostalgic manner to a sudden wave of explosion, a strong voice of a woman that suddenly emerges to assert her place in a patriarchal society. It is a personal journey of an individual, particularly of a woman, the journey of inner growth and self-acceptance and self-love. It is a journey of struggle, the quest for one’s identity which sometimes gets lost in the maze created by society. It is a beautiful journey of victory, of overcoming all odds and finding the Self”.
She also mentioned that the subjugation of women in a patriarchal society has been depicted very well by the poet and the continual issue of objectifying women’s bodies has been well depicted and that the poet has been true to her emotions confessing about her truest feelings.
In the author’s note, Elongshila Jamir shared that it is her hope that the book would resonate and comfort the readers and would be someone’s reason to start reading, singing or writing their own Serendipity.
The program was also graced with invocation by Edward Odyuo, Secretary, The Lighthouse Church and book dedication prayer by Pastor Wabang Longchari, Founder & Director Sinai Ministry. (Page News Service)