Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sentiments of NE people ignored: NPRAAF (on Citizenship Amendment Bill)

Dimapur, January 8: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) has said the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 passed in the Lok Sabha today, amidst bandh and protest across NE states, will develop trust deficits between Northeastern people and the NDA Government which has entered into peace talks with various organizations and Government assurances of commitment on Act East Policy.
In a statement, NPRAAF said the Bill favoured the refugees for citizenship at the expense of national security and paved the way particularly in north eastern states to become haven of dubious foreigners which is already plagued by influx of illegal immigrants.
“It is painful that the sentiments of the affected North eastern people were totally ignored. The parliament which is the temple of democracy has crushed people’s voice murdering democracy,” it said, adding the Bill will hurt integrity and security of diverse India.
(Page News Service)