Sensitization week on plastic waste management


Dimapur, June 10: Sensitization week on plastic waste management culminated at Town hall, Bhandari on June 7, organized by the district administration, Wokha.
Chairing the programme, Temsuchuba Jamir, EAC, spoke on the dangers of plastic waste and said that humans have generated excessive plastic waste for many years without systematic management to control its negative effect on health, environment and ecology.
The problem caused by plastic waste for healthy survival is not only for mankind but for animals on the land and even the marine life in the oceans, he said. He called for a collective effort for minimizing the threat caused by unreasonable generation of plastic waste.
Riku khutso, EAC, who presented a documentary on the threats, destruction and impending dangers of plastic waste stated that since plastic do not degrade easily, human activity of dumping or discarding its waste everywhere must be stopped by replacing its use by other alternative products which are health, environment and eco- friendly. He also appealed to the leaders of NGOs, civil societies, entrepreneurs and student leaders to continue spread awareness and sensitize the public at all levels and shift to using papers, jute or cloth bags for carrying goods instead of health hazardous plastic bags for healthier environment for all.
Lisumo Jami, President, Lotha Hoho Bhandari, appealed to the District administration to help find suitable alternative before effecting total ban on plastic bags. Presently, Bhandari and its adjoining areas do not have any manufacturing facilities to respond with alternatives in case a total ban comes into effect. The sensitization week concluded with a documentary show on the related issue.
(Page News Service)