Sensitization on MR campaign held at Aghunato


Dimapur, SEPTEMBER 2: A sensitization programme for the upcoming Measle/Rubella vaccination campaign was held at Aghunato town on August 28.
Dr Alemwabang Aier, DPO (RCH & UIP) said that the vaccination for Measle – Rubella (MR) is a nationwide programme to immunize children in the age group from 9 months to 15 years. He said that this is the most expensive programme ever undertaking by the Government in order to eradicate Measle-Rubella (MR) completely by the year 2020.
He informed that the administration, GBs, teachers, Ashas and the department as a team would be carrying out the programme.
Dr Puloto, Community Health Centre (CHC) Aghunato stated that normally around 2000 patients receive treatment from CHC Aghunato annually. But in the current year, number of patient treated have risen to more than one thousand within three months. And most the Measle patients were un-vaccinated children. He also requested the GBs, VCCs and teachers to furnish only the exact number of students to the Government while submitting the names for immunization.
ADC, T. Nchumbemo Udyuo in his message said that children have the rights to grow up healthy in all walks of life. Regarding preparedness for the forthcoming vaccination programme, he encouraged the gathering to have concern and see that all children under Aghunato get properly immunized.
(Page News Service)