Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Senior NSCN (IM) leader refutes media report


DIMAPUR, JANUARY 24: Reacting to a news report that he has been “ousted” as the convener of the steering committee of NSCN (IM), Hutovi Chishi has dismissed it as “venomous manipulation” by intelligence agencies to create rift within the Naga group.

In a clarification issued on Sunday, Chishi stated that was disturbed at what is being floated on social media and PTI-sourced print media reports following his exit as convener of the steering committee.
“What was simply a matter of normal changed of guard in NSCN’s steering committee has been blown out of proportion with venomous manipulation which does not reflect my thoughts and emotions in any manner. This is no doubt the handiwork of anti-NSCN elements prodded by IB (Intelligence Bureau) to create crack within the organization,” he said.
According to Chishi, he is rather “highly indebted” to the group’s collective leadership for entrusting him with such a responsibility.
The assignment of portfolio and other political designation is allotted in accordance with the discretion of the collective leadership, he stated.
“NSCN has stood the test of time as a cohesive organization, with unflinching commitment from the members and shall remain as a cohesive force in Naga political affairs. Needless to reiterate my political stand I regrets that this unfortunate incident occurred which never reflect my face value as a humble NSCN member,” the statement read.
(Page News Service)