Sunday, September 26, 2021

Seminar on Nthenyi dialect held

Dimapur, October 10: The Rengma Nthenyi Literature Board organised a one-day seminar on the basic principles of writing and reading in Nthenyi dialect and how to properly teach the students the Naga Heritage Studies Text Book from class.1 to class.8 in the Nthinye speaking areas on October 8 at Jireh School, Chunlikha.
In the first session, Kewachu Semy, Chairman Nthenyi Literature Board took the session on principles of writing and reading of Nthinye dialect, how to use spelling to differentiate the similar pronounciations to differentiate the meanings, using double vowels to make the high and low sounds; and straight tuning in Nthenyi language.
He also stressed on the unavoidable usage of the alphabet Q and X in Nthenyi dialects to make exact pronounciation and assign of the Rengma Nthenyi.
The second session was taken over by Shulipfu Kath, Secretary, Nthenyi Literature Board and acting as Language Assistant, Nthenyi made a assessment of Nthenyi on the Rengma Nthenyi Text Book Naga Heritage Studies from Class 1 to Class.8 published by SCERT. He also clarifed the doubts and the difficulties using the terms of language sought by the participants. He also explained the difficult words and the meanings of the newly coined words in Nthenyi, emphasized more on poems which the teachers are finding difficult to understand to explain nicely to the students.
The seminar was attended by more than 30 teachers from 15 schools both Government and private schools under the Nthenyi speaking areas.
The seminar was chaired and moderated by Khinyi Woch. He also briefed the participants on the fast development of the Nthenyi literature within a short span of 2 and half years of the Government approval the Board has made an effort to successfully translated and published the Naga Heritage Studies from Class 1 to Class.8 in Nthenyi dialects. Nthenyi Ajüübvu Dictionary, the “grammar kesie kezhu yen” are also said to be progressing very well.
The meeting was disbursed with the pronouncement of benediction by Rev.Tusaya Kath.
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