Seminar on alternative to total ban on single use plastics held


Dimapur, July 18: A workshop/seminar on alternative to total ban on single use plastic by the government of Nagaland was held at Pughoboto on July 17 where all shopkeepers, NGOs, GBs, village councils of neighbouring villages and ad-hoc town council attended the workshop. The workshop was organized by the district administration.
Speaking at the function, SDO (Civil) Pughoboto, Tiayanger Jamir exhorted the gathering on the decision of the government’s notification on total ban on single use plastic. He urged the people to work on a locally arranged alternative to plastic ban. A collective effort of all stakeholders is the only way to achieve this menace of plastic and its alternative. He added that more seminars will be organised in the coming days to sensitize the people and also to explore the manufacture of eco-friendly alternatives from Pughoboto itself rather than depending on outside market.
Bokavi, an NGO in the field of eco-friendly products gave a presentation of what alternatives are available for the people so that they can completely do away with plastics. Eco friendly products like carry bags were distributed to all the shops as a gesture of “say no to plastics” and what the alternatives are.
Dr. Alvis spoke on the ill effects of plastics and non-biodegradable products from a medical perspective.
EAC Pughoboto, Luchui Fithu exhorted the gathering said that the role of women and mothers is very crucial in the combat against plastics as women are the managers of homes and kitchens. She also urged upon the churches to play a pro-active role in this issue since plastic pollution is also a major cause during marriages and feasts in the churches.
SDO (Civil) Pughoboto, Tiayanger Jamir thanked all the participants and said that today is the beginning of Pughoboto’s resolution on making the subdivision a “single use plastic free” subdivision and hence all the people should support this cause in letter and spirit.
(Page News Service)