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Sekrenyi-cum-Mini Hornbill Festival celebrated at Kisama

Sekrenyi Rio

Rio urges Angamis to re-strengthen bonding & unity among Nagas

KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 25: The Angami Nagas are celebrating its premier festival -Sekrenyi with traditional fervor and gaiety while its apex body, Angami Public Organisation (APO), held the celebrations along with Mini-Hornbill Festival at Naga Heritage village, Kisama.
Sekrenyi, also known as Phousanyi, is the premier annual festival of the Angamis for “purification and sanctification”.
Unlike the past where the celebration used to have mammoth gathering of Angamis from the four units Northern, Southern, Western and Chakhroma, marred with the Coronavirus pandemic, the celebration was scaled down to only leaders of the Ranges, including that of women, youth and students bodies and other frontal and subordinate organizations under APO.
It was in 2020 that the Angamis celebrated Sekrenyi together at Khouchiezie Local Ground here under the aegis of the APO.
Gracing the formal programme at Bamboo Hall, Kisama, as special guest, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said Nagaland is a tribal state while each and every tribe has their own respective premier festivals.
In this, Rio opined that instead of mini-Hornbill, the respective tribe festivals should be re-named as tribal festivals in order to preserve the age-old tradition for future generations.
Celebration of the tribal festivals is to uphold the forefathers’ tradition and practice, he said, adding that if we forget our culture and tradition, we will lose our own identity and it will be the greatest loss for ourselves, he said.
The year-round tribal festival then culminates with the Hornbill Festival showcasing the rich and colourful tradition and culture of the Nagas at a single venue in Kisama, he said.
Bifurcation of Dimapur District:
Touching on bifurcation of Dimapur district into three different districts with creation of Chumoukedima and Niuland districts on December 18, 2021.
Rio said it was done for the convenience of all the people in Dimapur.
Angamis did not demand for creation of Chumoukedima, he said while recalling that it was supposed to be the administrative headquarters of Dimapur district but despite several years it did not happen. Finally, when the Government tried to do so there was hue and cry following which the Government after thorough consultations decided to create two new districts from it.
The decision was taken in order to please all the citizens and as suggested by the legislators of the district, he said.
Nonetheless, Rio said despite the Government setting-up committee demarcating villages and areas for the 3 districts, some villages don’t want to come under Chumoukedima.
But, now things are improving and hopefully the matter will be resolved soon, he said.
In this, Rio asked the Angami leaders to ponder on as to why such unwillingness came about from other villages to be part of Chumoukedima district – would it be selfish and vested interest or disliking of the Angamis leadership?
Dimapur was upgraded into a district in December 1997 after being carved out from Kohima district in 1979.
The Chief Minister further appealed to Angamis to re-strengthen the bonds of friendship and unity so as to maintain peace and harmony starting from the home.
Chaired by APO president Razouvoto Chatsu, the celebration commenced with prayer by Mekhale Yhoshü and concluded with Sekrenyi feast at the Angami morung.
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