Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sechü-Zubza hopeful of top place

Kohima, August 17: The draw between Ziekezou SC and New Market FC in today’s match of Kohima Football league organized by Kohima Town Club has created more chances for Sechü-Zubza Football Club to continue as the league toppers.
Playing the first match of the penultimate round today, Ziekezou and New Market ended in a draw to share a point each. The draw has put defending champion Ziekezou at 21 points while New Market are on 19 points.
Nonetheless, debutants Sechü-Zubza, who with 20 points and credentials of 13 goals were on the top of the table would be playing their 11th match tomorrow against league fifth positioners Khriekesa FC. A win or draw would still put them on the top.
Meanwhile, Team Manager of Sechü-Zubza FC, Neidilhoutuo Sechü @ Neibu maintained that “the draw between Ziekezou and New Market has created more chances for us”.
“Now Ziekezou stands at 21 points after 11th match, while we are at 20 points after the 10th match,” he said while conveying that for the remaining two matches (11th and 12th) “we brought another central defender who used to play for Barak FC”.
“The injury to both our central defenders did cost us dearly in the last match against New Market FC losing the match by 5-2,” he said while lamenting that defender Kechi won’t be able to play anymore as his injury is serious.
He said that while defender Viketoukho Miasalhou (4), who suffered from ankle injury in the last match and midfielder Khiuwangbo Kaurintah (8), who suffered from mild fever in the last match, is fully fit again.
Neibu, therefore, expressed hope that his team would be able to deliver out best while playing against Khriekesa FC at 2 p.m. tomorrow. (Page News Service)