Sunday, June 20, 2021

SDO (C) Jakhama issues guidelines

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MAY 22: In view of the rapid surge in the number of COVID positive cases, SDO (C) Jakhama, Ruopfukuotuo Noudi has directed COVID Core Committees in the villages to closely monitor developments in their respective villages and immediately activate community surveillance of people with COVID-like symptoms to proactively deal with any possible spread of virus in the rural areas.

As per guidelines, the SDO directed all villages to set up a Village Surveillance Team (VST) comprising ASHA workers from the Medical Department, Angawadi workers from the Social Welfare Department and SHGs from NSRLM (RD).
“The VST shall regularly monitor the health status of villagers in their respective village and shall identify anyone with Influenza like Illness (ILI) including fever, cough, cold and difficulty in breathing. Any person with such symptoms shall mandatorily be advised for self-quarantine/isolation and all such cases should be reported to the Medical Officers (MOs) in the Sub-Division.
“All villagers have been advised to scrupulously adhere to guidelines/SOPs issued by the State Government. Regular announcements in the village through public address systems needs to be carried out to this effect to spread awareness in the village for compulsory observance of COVID appropriate behaviours by all the villagers. Suitable facilities in the village should be identified for use as Village Quarantine Facility in case of requirement”, the guidelines read.

Further, the villages have been asked to identify public burial grounds at suitable locations for use in case of emergency. “Disposal of dead bodies of COVID patients should strictly be in compliance with the SOP issued by the NSDMA Vide letter NO. NSDMA-ER-COVID-19/301/2020/116 dated 13th April 2020. Village authorities are required to spread awareness in their respective villages to ensure that a dignified burial/cremation is accorded to COVID victims and that stigmatization in any form is absolutely avoided”, it added.
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