Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Scrutiny for 37 Tyui, 39 Wokha, 39 Sanis & 40 Bhandari held

Dimapur, May 29: Scrutiny for 4 constituencies under Wokha district was held today at DC’s conference hall, Wokha in presence of Observer Ravinder Singh, ARO Dr. Manazir Jeelani Samoon, AEO Aketo Shohe, Youth Wing-NPF, Wokha Division, Media Secretary-NDPP and DPRO, N. Stephen Ngullie.
The agents of candidates were apprised about the scrutiny process in detail. The scrutiny was undertaken Assembly Constituencies-wise starting with 37-Tyui followed by 38-Wokha, 39-Sanis & 40 Bhandari AC.
There were few general verbal complaints received from political parties regarding some incident in 38-Wokha AC during voting on 28/5/18. These complaints were enquired upon by Sector Magistrates and found to be baseless. The entire poll process happened peacefully without any incident of violence.
No complaint about polling has been received on Samadhan, or reported in the local media as on May 29.
Record (including Presiding Officers dairy, sector Magistrates reports, Micro-observers reports, video recordings) of polling stations which had registered complaints & voting percentages of 5%+/- (from average, since average turnout being high & range being narrow) polling including from 17 A was carried out by the ARO in the presence of the Observer. However the polling stations with minimum percentage of voting as compared to AC average were also scrutinized and no anomaly was found. No abnormality which could vitiate was noticed in the report.
No complaint or issue was raised by the agents about the poll during scrutiny. Hence it is concluded that entire process was peaceful and normal in the Assembly Segments & no re-poll is required anywhere in 37, 38, 39 and 40 ACs of Wokha district.
(Page News Service)