Friday, February 26, 2021
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Scrub Typhus outbreak reported in Noklak

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Dimapur, September 18: An outbreak of Scrub Typhus (ST) has been reported in Noklak with 5 deaths and 618 positive ST cases since January 2020 at CHC Noklak.
SDO (C) Noklak, C Phuniang, NCS said data collected from CHC Noklak for improving water quality and controlling vector borne diseases showed an alarming 618 positive scrub typhus cases since January 2020, while 5 persons have succumbed as per official record available.
Many are suspected to have succumbed due to Scrub Typhus related health problem particularly in the villages, he said.
Issuing alert to the general public about Scrub Typhus, the SDO (C) requested the public to report to CHC Noklak regarding any symptoms of Scrub typhus. He also asked public to be extra alert about COVID-19 to ensure that norms for controlling COVID-19 are strictly enforced across all the villages in the District. (Page News Service)