Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Schools asked to conduct Classes VIII & IX Board exams


NBSE will provide question papers for the exams

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 24: The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has instructed schools to conduct Class VIII and Class IX examinations/assessment through online/offline mode from December 2 to 22.

In a notification issued today, the NBSE said no examination routine shall be given out by the Board but the final assessment/examination will be conducted with the questions given by the Board.
The NBSE asked schools not to fix a routine for assessing the performance of the students for the final examination of Class VIII & IX. The school should plan in such a way that assessments are carried out within the specified time, it said, adding the Class VIII and Class IX examinations shall be conducted in the same mode or pattern in which the midterm/2nd term examination was conducted this year.
“Schools shall not conduct the examination in one go. It should be conducted in batches through online or offline mode,” it instructed.
The Board informed that it shall provide 2 sets of question papers of all the subjects to the schools and the schools shall take out the questions and use it to assess the students. “The technicalities of the examination i.e. selecting the test items/questions/marks/days of examination and duration of assessment/examination is left to the discretion of the schools. While taking out the questions/test items from the 2 sets, teachers should keep in mind the design of question papers of the different subjects.”
The NBSE said password protected PDF files of Class VIII (Government schools) & Class IX question papers will be uploaded in the schools domain of nbsenl.edu.in portal. The schools are to register themselves and login to the portal to download the question papers. Thereafter, password may be obtained from the Controller of Examinations and Deputy Controller of Examinations. The phone numbers are 9436005353, 9436001270, 9862122300.
For Class VIII, private schools shall prepare their own questions/test items based on the design of the question papers as given in assessment guidelines for Class VIII 2019/instructions issued by the Board for assessing the students.
The NBSE directed that no student should be made to come to the school to appear the examination. In case, students are to come to school for collection of question paper/assignments and submission of the same, it should be done with the written consent of the parent and by observing the SOPs.
During the conduct of the final examinations, schools need to tell the students that they should send their answers honestly whether through online or offline mode, it instructed.
Provision for retest and remedial measures for Class VIII as per RTE Act shall be followed by all the schools. The results shall be prepared as per the Board’s criteria along with internal assessment marks of the subjects, it informed.
The results of the examinations shall be submitted to the following mail IDs separately. The results may be mailed within January 22, 2021: Class VIII – nbseclass8@gmail.com; Class IX – nbseclass9@gmail.com. Schools who have finished the examinations and are ready with the results can also submit it to the Board at the respective mail ID.
The NBSE directed all schools to send the question papers/test items which it had prepared and administered for the different subjects to the Board within January 22, 2021. For this year, sample answer scripts need not be sent.

The Board said schools may declare the results of the examination if they are satisfied that the results have been prepared as per criteria, without getting the approval of the Board. This relaxation is for this year only. However, schools will be held responsible for any mistakes committed in the results submitted by them. Submission of additional results and corrections of results will not be entertained by the Board, it informed. (Page News Service)

No resumption of regular Classes in 2021 without Govt. order: NBSE
DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 24: The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has reminded all schools in the State not to resume regular classes in 2021 till the Government notifies the opening of schools.
“All schools are reminded that they shall not resume the conduct of regular classes in 2021 till the Government notifies the opening of schools as notified vide Notification DSE/MISC-MHRD/ 2020(pt) dated Kohima the 23rd November, 2020,” the NBSE notified. (Page News Service)