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School Education Department notifies

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Dimapur, March 9: The Department of School Education has notified the following rules relating to students participating at the State/national/international level games/ sports events.
Candidates participating in sports/games event representing the State of Nagaland at the State/National/International level recognised by the Government of India/Nagaland shall apply to the concerned school for condonation of attendance or for other relaxations. Accordingly, the head of the institution shall forward his/her recommendation for condonation /relaxation through the Director, Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland to the Chairman, NBSE.
The application of such candidate(s) shall be enclosed with the calling/participation/nomination letter or other relevant documents from the appropriate federation/association/authority recognised by the State Government/ Government of India.
Candidate (s) participating as a State representative only shall be given the provision of relaxation. The Director of Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland, Kohima shall verify and ensure that the student(s) is/are an athlete(s) representing the State before forwarding the application to NBSE.
The candidate(s) must be enrolled in an institution registered under the NBSE to be eligible to apply for condonation of attendance/relaxation of rules.
Candidates participating in events approved by the Sports Authority of India/Federation of Sports recognized by the Government of India shall be given condonation of shortage of attendance upto 15% to appear Nagaland Board’s Examinations i.e. HSLC & HSSLC for that particular academic year only. (The minimum class attendance prescribed for regular candidates is 80% or above for Classes IX to XII).
For intending candidates of the HSLC/HSSLC Board examinations, in exceptional circumstances where students have to participate in the sports events at the National/International level as a State representative, such students whose attendance is below 65% in Class X or XII and intending to appear the Board’s Examination as the case may be shall be considered for condonation of shortage of attendance by the Chairman, NBSE only. But in any case, attendance shall not be below 50%.
If the student’s participation in National/International sports events coincides with Board’s examination i.e. HSLC & HSSLC, NBSE shall conduct a separate examination for such students at an appropriate date after the conduct of the main examinations as a one-time arrangement. The provision will be applicable for those students who apply/submit the Individual Application Form (IAF) to the Board to appear the HSLC/HSSLC Examination of that particular year. Provision for filling up of the IAF is available for all students in the Board’s website
The centre of examination and the examination routine shall be allotted/announced by the Board.
There shall be no provision of re-examination or re-scrutiny or compartmental examination or overall ranking for this category of students.
Student(s) to be promoted to the next higher class and participating in the sports events shall not be exempted from appearing the internal assessment/school-based examination/Board examinations.
The head of an institution shall condone shortage in attendance upto 15% for Classes V, VIII, IX and XI. The Head of the Institution shall inform the Chairman, NBSE for such cases of condonation through the Director, Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland, Kohima.
If student athlete(s) /sports person cannot be part of the regular assessment /internal assessment /practical conducted by the school due to participation in the sports event at the State/National/International Level, the school shall make necessary arrangements to conduct the internal assessment , school based board examination .
Any student of Class XI, nominated for State/National/International sports event and who is unable to sit for their internal assessment/practical or cannot appear school based examination, the respective school shall conduct the internal assessment separately with the design of question paper and pass criteria of the Board for those students. The school shall submit the marks/result to the Board’s office for consideration/approval.
If any students(s) of Classes VIII & IX participating in the State sports event is unable to sit for the examination during any Phase (either Phase I or Phase II of the examination), the school shall make necessary arrangement and conduct a separate examination for such student(s) in all the subjects of that Phase on the dates approved by the Board. The results of each student shall be submitted to the Board for approval.
The design of question paper and pass criteria of the Board shall be followed by the school for VIII & IX Examination.
If any student (s) of Class V participating in the State/ National/ International Sports Event is unable to appear the final Examination, the respective school(s) shall make necessary arrangements and conduct a separate examination in all the subjects for such student (s). The dates and results of examination shall be approved by Directorate of School Education, Kohima.
For Class V, the design of the question papers and pass criteria of the Directorate of School Education, Kohima shall be followed.
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