Sunday, January 17, 2021
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School Education Department centralizes transfer & posting of Govt teachers


Kohima, February 4: In the wake of random sanction of transfer orders by District Education Officers and Sub-Divisional Education Officers, the State Government has implemented a centralized policy to streamline transfer of Government teachers.
“All transfers, on whatever grounds, will now have to be vetted by the Government,” said Advisor for School Education, KT Sukhalu while addressing the first triennial conference of All Nagaland Government Primary Teachers Association (ANGPTA) at Ura Academy Hall here.
“We can understand the difficulties faced by teachers, especially those in the remote areas who have medical and family problems… we do empathize with you,” he said while observing that the Department receives 10-20 applications seeking transfer from remote areas to Dimapur and Kohima.
In this, he said, the Government is unable to bring all schools to Dimapur and Kohima.
“Government has appointed teachers with the responsibility to ensure that education reaches even to the far end of the state… we did not force you to be in the profession but that is the responsibility you have chosen,” he said. Asking them to understand the problem of the Department, Sukhalu expressed hope that the Government teachers will live up to the responsibilities given to them.
Saying that the foundation of a child’s education starts at the primary level, he lamented that the foundation of education is very weak in the State. He urged the teachers to take students in their respective schools as their own children and help restructure them.
Sukhalu totally condemned the non-detention policy of the Government saying that it has made teachers non-committal while students have also become lazy to work hard till Class 8.
On rampant proxy teachers, he lamented that even the village councils were involved in promoting it saying that he himself has seen village councils maintaining register mentioning that the appointed Government teacher need not come but pay Rs 3000 to engage a person from the village as teacher.
“If we keep on doing that the teachers may live well but generations that will be coming up will be rotten and uneducated generation… the society will totally be in a chaotic atmosphere,” he stated.
“You might be doing well for the family and children but as teachers you have bigger responsibilities toward bringing up a better generation,” Sukhalu said while asking them to be sincere in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Informing that the Department is unable to immediately implement the Biometric system in schools, the Advisor, however, said that it has come out with Teachers Diary from this academic session, which every teacher will have to maintain on a daily basis with the lesson plan and activities.
The teacher will have record the performance of every student on a monthly basis, he said, while also cautioning that Department officers will be conducting surprise inspections to check the Teachers Diary.
Sukhalu also informed that the department has decided to conduct interviews of experienced and qualified teachers for appointment to the post of Assistant Head Masters very shortly.
Meanwhile, the Advisor felicitated Keneisenu Vitsu of Government Primary School K Khel, Viswema village for initiating organic vegetable garden within the school to sustain the Mid Day Meal scheme. He said that the teachers coming out with such innovative ideas will be awarded.
Also addressing the gathering, Principal Director of School Education, Shanavas C said everyone including the teachers and department officials are responsible for the poor performance of Government schools in the State.
In order to improve the overall education system, he said, the department would be implementing the carrot and stick policy. He asserted that the hardworking teachers would be awarded while those following proxy and absenteeism will be penalized.
As teachers, he said they should not only be talking of their rights but also have to sincerely do their duties.
ANGPTA vice president (admin) Kivigho Zhimomi chaired the conference while ANGPTA president James Ruokuoselhou delivered the welcome address while Kohima and Longleng units of ANGPTA presented special number and folk song respectively. ANGPTA vice president Chiru Thizu delivered the vote of thanks. (Page News Service)