SCERT welcomes Toshi Wungtong


Dimapur, April 11: Director SCERT, T Sekhose welcomed Toshi Wungtong, the new Advisor of SCERT, IPR & Village Guards during an introductory meeting at the Directorate of SCERT on April Tuesday.
In his speech, Toshi said that education is the basic tool for social structure. Education manifests overall characters of a society and it must also be the same tool for the SCERT department and all the 11 districts. Education must be a progressive concept for the Naga people today, he said and asked the department to take up the challenges that lies ahead for the development of the society.
He mentioned that greater wealth is mental wealth because it teaches people, qualifies them and makes people more optimistic in their outlook. People should have questioning and open mind. He expressed his desire to work with the department and to bring positive change in the society. (Page News Service)