Saturday, May 8, 2021

SCERT celebrates Pariksha Pav 2.0

Dimapur, January 28: SCERT in collaboration with Nagaland State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCRPCRs) celebrated Pariksha Pav 2.0 at SIEMAT conference hall on January 28.
Chairperson of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Awan Konyak said that ‘examinations are part of academic life and since we cannot avoid it, exams should be a joyful experience and not a painful one for students’. Konyak said that however due to factors like family pressure, anxiety, nervousness, poor self-confidence and negative thoughts create stress among students during the exam.
She stated that to change the outlook and perspective of children towards making exam a joyful activity, the national commission for protection of child rights along with state commission are conducting Pariksha Pav 2.0 across the country. She added that the programme will provide platform to students to be vocal about their anxieties and concern and to interact with counsellor and psychologist. She said that such initiative will help remove stigma attached to counseling and promote positive perception.
Konyak said that environment at school and home is the most important factor which contributes to the way a child reacts to examination. She encouraged the parents and teachers to be appreciative and encouraging to the child and avoiding comparison with peers and not over reacting to failure or over expecting can go a long way in moulding and shaping the delicate mind of the child.
She also urged the teachers and parents to recognize a traumatized child and taking immediate preventive measures and also offer a non- judgmental patient hearing to someone who has suicidal tendencies. She further stressed on the importance of extracurricular activities as it is said to be the best stress buster as well as to develop their mind.
Director, SCERT, T Sekhose said that training programme has been initiated by the central government in order to address issues of examination stress. He said that Pakrisha Pav 2.0 not only addresses the students but have also taken the parents on board because parents are also a very important contributory factor in building stress in the student.
Various topics on stress in school and its management, examination stress and tips for parents and teachers on examination were discussed during the technical session. The resource persons for the training were senior medical officer, State Mental Health Institute, Dr Viketoulie, Associate Professor counselling cell SCERT, Dr Zavise Rume and research associate counselling cell SCERT, Medemmongla Jamir.
(Page News Service)