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SC Jamir shares thoughts on his only meeting with Muivah

S C Jamir

“NSCN-IM leader told me, “Jamir we may not meet again”, I too replied, “No need”

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI/DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 8: Veteran Naga leader and former Chief Minister, SC Jamir, has said that it will not be prudent to “waste our precious time on English phrases like deadlock or finally resolved, etc., etc.”
In a free-wheeling interview with this Journalist over a period over phone and during a one-on-one interaction, Dr Jamir said, “It is a fact that the matter appears to be in limbo. This is not the time to find fault with each other but to put our heads together in a spirit of unity and deep concern for the future of Nagaland.”
“We have witnessed sufficient blame games among ourselves. For a change, why not approach the problem with an open mind and in a spirit of accommodation”, he said answering questions.
In reply to a question, Dr Jamir also referred to his only meeting with NSCN-IM leader Thuingaleng Muivah and described it as a “good meeting, no doubt”.
Elaborating further, the former Chief Minister said, “For the first time I met Muivah on that day.
Our discussions were in the presence of his Kilonsers and Ao Senden Office bearers. When I provoked Muivah for his inability to find solution with the Government of India even after more than 6 to 7 years of negotiations, maybe out of anger or probably his conscience might have pricked him and he said that “I have asked the Government of India not to put any conditions so that I will also not raise the issue of sovereignty”. I think as a Naga he spoke out the truth.”
He also said, “…Furthermore neither sovereignty nor Integration appear in the two official Agreements between two groups of the underground. My first and last meeting (with Muiavah) was at Delhi and while departing from the scene while shaking hands, Muivah told me, “Jamir, so we may not meet again” I too replied, “No need because I told you everything during the discussions” and then everybody laughed.
Jamir, who recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging to resolve the Naga issue within next 2 months, also said, “…at least two agreements known as Framework Agreement and Agreed Position were already made with two groups of the underground namely the NSCN (IM) and the NNPGs. Since all these agreements were made formally with much fanfare it must be officially announced without any loss of time.
“The position of the Government of India had been reiterated in the ongoing Parliament by the Home Minister (Amit Shah) with regard to the Constitution and the Flag, the Government of India should take firm and positive steps to finalize the problem without any further delay.”
He also stated: “At this stage all signatories must come out with their true colours and tell the Naga people with all honesty the kind of agreements they have made according to contemporary political and economic realities. The general public is no longer novice in politics, what they really expect from their leaders, especially underground, is to show their honesty and sincerity towards the cause for which they have been fighting. Enough is enough.”