SBI Gram Seva of AIDA provides digitalization assets and education kits to rural villages


Dimapur, February 4: The SBI Foundation under the SBI Gram Seva Program implemented by ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA), Dimapur provided sound system, Mini Laminator and educational kits to the 5 adopted villages: Khriezephe, Diezephe, Tsithrongse, Bade and Urra village.
The objective of providing these facilities to the various villages is to enhance the ccessibility of good services at every village GSK centres, set up under the SBI – Gram Seva Programme by AIDA. These are facilities to improve the rural lives of the communities where all the youth, students, farmers, women and the whole community in general have access to various amenities
Educational kits were also provided to remedial class students to help them to grasp and understand better what they are taught. The remedial classes in the rural villages enables the students to improve their habits and methods of learning, creating a fearless environment for learning and improving their confidence level and enhance their communication skills. The assets were handed to the Gram Seva In-charges, remedial teachers and Gram Seva Committees.
(Page News Service)