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SBAK Aizuto youth conference underway

Nagaland News

Dimapur, January 8: The SBAK Aizuto youth conference began at Medical Colony, Suruhuto Town on January 7, on with the theme ‘Your Identity in Christ’.
A press release stated that the conference is strictly being conducted keeping the COVID-19 SOPs in place.
More than 2500 delegates and officials from across Zumheboto district are attending the three-day event.
Day 1 began with an evening session where more than 2000 delegates attended.
Opening ceremony was performed by Naghuto Old Baptist Church youths, showcasing a very unique Sumi traditional dance.
Kivishe Awomi, GB of Medical Colony, said the words of gratitude and Dr. I Pihoto Khala, President of the Executive Council SBAK Aizuto, encouraged the youths not to fall for the bad but always go for the right.
He also asked the youths to respect their elders and always learn valuable and good things from them.
Special songs were presented by Anderson Theological College Choir and Suruhuto Town Baptist Church choir.
Exhortation and words of God was given by Inakhu Sumi, Youth Secretary of SBAK Aizuto.
On the second day, the morning session started with song presentation by Nikato Sumi Youth leader and in the evening session the event was started with a song presentation from Nipukha Chishi; various speakers addressed and encouraged the mass in both the sessions.
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