Monday, April 15, 2024

SBAK-Aizuto celebrates Platinum Jubilee


Dimapur, August 9: The Suruhuto Town Baptist Church SBAK-Aizuto celebrated Platinum Jubilee on the theme “Renewal of hope for Eternity” on Saturday and Sunday, with prominent speakers attending the jubilee program.
As the government has allowed the churches to function with minimum staff and to use protective gears and take up all safety measures and also keeping in view the spread of the COVID 19 in the state, all the church members were told to wear masks compulsorily and everyone has to enter the church passing through the disinfectant chamber and maintenance of physical distancing among them.
The church was supposed to celebrate the jubilee in the month of April or May but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the church was not able to observe during the past months and was observed on these days. The prominent speakers who spoke on the successful 75 years of STBC SBAK-Aizuto were Rev Mulato Chishi, Executive Secretary SBAK-Aizuto, Hekhushe Shikhu, President Sumi Hoho Nagaland and Rev. Phuheto Shikhu, Pastor, Yehemi Baptist Church. They made the program lively by preaching enthusiastically to the people and spoke about living together as one and the importance of celebrating Jubilee.
Pastor, Suruhuto Town Baptist Church, SBAK-Aizuto, Toshevi Aye said that Suruhuto Town Baptist Church was established in the year 1945 and till then the church has achieved many laurels and many prominent leaders have been serving the God and its people under this Church. He also said that the meaning of Jubilee means coming together, loving each other and forgiving each other and therefore in this very auspicious day everyone should be loyal to each other, forgive each other and live together happily.
Souviner and Gifts were given to the invitees and those leaders who served the church in the past several years, Due to the pandemic many entertaining programmes were avoided. (Page News Service)