Saying ‘urra uvei’ not enough: NSCN (IM)

Saying ‘urra uvei’ not enough: NSCN (IM)

Dimapur, March 21: The NSCN (IM) today admitted that though Nagas know they are a sovereign people by right, but knowing or shouting alone is not enough, as it needs political articulation for recognition.
“We may say ‘urra uvei’ (our land belongs to us), but that is not enough, it needs strategies to gain recognition,” stated NSCN (IM) vice president, Gen (Retd) Kholi while addressing the 39th Republic Day celebration at CHQ Hebron.
In his address, Kohli said Nagas wants a kind of agreement with India that is rooted in the principle of mutual respect and recognition of sovereign rights and territories.
“Above all, a solution that protects and guarantees their future. History says no genuine and lasting solutions to any political problems have ever been brought by military might. All enduring solutions to the problems are arrived at only through bilateral dialogue and mutual agreements,” he said.
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