Tuesday, April 20, 2021

SASA 37th tourney underway

Sekriizu, January 3: The 37th tournament of Sekriizu Area Sports Association (SASA) got underway today at Sekriizu under Phek district.
Gracing the inaugural function, MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu said that indulging in sports helps to drive away the negative energies and instill positive energies like self discipline, patience and tolerance.
It also helps shape a person to be more confident mentally and physically, he said.
Asserting further that such sports meet is a time to test the skills, strength, teamwork, ability and commitment, Azo added that the team possessing all those requirements will emerge as sure winner.
Extending New Year greetings, Azo said that the dawning of a new year should be associated with new resolutions for a better, peaceful and prosperous life ahead.
He said that it is far better to remember good memories and cherish them rather than filling the year’s diary with the feelings of ill deeds and thoughts which may have far reaching regrets and consequences in future.
Azo also released SASA magazine 2019 to commemorate 37th tournament.
On the occasion, SASA president Veshosa Keyho delivered presidential address.
Eight villages including one town that comes under SASA including Dzulha, Khiitsa, Phiihgi, Ruzazho, New Ruzazho, Suthozu old, Suthozu new, Thiiriitsiiswu and Sekruzu town are participating in the tourney.
The tournament is hosted by Dziilhami Youth Association and it will be marked by football, volleyball, basketball and track and field events. (Page News Service)