Sanuro Bridge: ACAUT gives technical advice to PWD

Sanuro Bridge: ACAUT gives technical advice to PWD

Dimapur, November 19: The ACAUT Nagaland has expressed displeasure over the reconstruction of the collapsed bridge over Sanuro River in Kohima using the same design and technology that ultimately led to the collapse of the bridge in 2015.
The bridge over Sanuro River connects Kohima New Capital Complex to Kohima town.
A press release by the ACAUT media cell said the bridge collapsed in 2015 due to wrong design with Hume pipes. “Unfortunately the department did not suspend the concerned engineer,” it said.
“Now as we see the same design and technology is repeating at the site by dumping excavated earth over two Hume pipes and piling of used Hume pipes along the road. In such a large stream engineers should not use Hume pipes even if it is golden Hume Pipes which will be choked by garbage and siltation. If it is not corrected right from the foundation the people of Kohima may expect another manmade disaster,” it said.
Informing that the estimated cost of the bridge is Rs 18 crore, ACAUT said this is a good amount to construct RCC storm water drainage. The construction of the bridge should start with deep strong RCC foundation, it stated.
Asking the State PWD to construct roads and bridges for all weather roads and not only winter roads, the ACAUT said, “During 2018 summer, God sent test check of heavy rain to see whether the department creates quality work. The same or even worse rain shall come in 2019 as human test check has failed to detect the quality work.” (Page News Service)