Sand price rises in Dimapur; suppliers union blame KAAC

Sand price rises in Dimapur; suppliers union blame KAAC

Dimapur, January 19: The rate of sand in Dimapur has risen substantially thanks to a notification issued by the Department of Forest, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council on carrying capacity of sand per truck (6-wheelers) in November 2019.
According to the Sand Stockist and Suppliers Union Chumoukedima (SSUC) and Assam Sand Suppliers Truck Owners Association Dimapur (ASSTOAD) the notification has resulted in ban on plying of 10-wheeler trucks to ferry sand to Dimapur from Karbi Anglong where as the KAAC notification has restriction only for carrying capacity of 6-wheeler trucks and there is no mention of 10-wheeler trucks in the notification.
The association informed that some sand mahaldars in Karbi Anglong are refusing to load sand on 10-wheeler at their mohul after the notification leading to exorbitant rate of sand in Dimapur, said two associations in a press release issued after a joint meeting held on January 17.
The release said the two associations have been carrying business abiding the laws of the land and paying all relevant taxes while plying on National Highways as well as other royalties and taxes.
The release requested the Dimapur District administration to intervene and take up the issue with the Department of Environment and Forest, KAAC, Assam and allow 10-wheeler trucks to ferry sand from Karbi Anglong to Dimapur.
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