Sam Pitroda should be ashamed, apologise publicly over 1984 remarks, says Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi, May 13: Congress President Rahul Gandhi, on Monday, while addressing an election meeting in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab said, “What Sam Pitroda said about 1984 is absolutely wrong and he should apologise to the nation for it. I told him this over the phone, I told him what he said was wrong, he should be ashamed and apologise publicly,” reports ANI.
Pitroda, in-charge of Congress’s overseas units, had on Thursday while rubbishing BJP’s allegation that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots took place on the orders of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said, “Ab kya hai ’84 ka? Aapne kya kiya 5 saal mein, uski baat kariye. ’84 mein hua to hua. Aapne kya kiya? (What about 1984 now? What have you done in the last five years, talk about that? What happened in 1984, happened. What have you done?),” Pitroda was quoted as saying by ANI.
Following this, the BJP had heavily criticised Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing an election rally in Haryana’s Rohtak on Friday had said that the three words – ‘hua to hua’ – sum up the arrogance of Congress and prove that they have no regard for life.
“These three words are proof that the party which ruled the country for most of the time is insensitive. The words reflect the character, mentality and intention of the Congress party,” the PM had said.
Rahul Gandhi had said that Pitroda’s comment is completely out of line and asked him to apologise.
“I think 1984 was a needless tragedy that caused tremendous pain,” Gandhi had said in a Facebook post. He further stressed that people responsible for the riots should be punished.
“The Former PM Manmohan Singh Ji has apologised. My mother Sonia Gandhi Ji has apologised. We all have made our position very clear – that 1984 was a terrible tragedy and should never have happened,” he said.
“What Mr Sam Pitroda has said is absolutely and completely out of line and is not appreciated. I will be communicating this to him directly. He must apologise for his comment,” Rahul had said.
The 1984 riots followed the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by two of her Sikh bodyguards on October 31, 1984. At least 3000 innocent Sikhs were killed, mainly in Delhi and Punjab.
Several Congress leaders have been accused of instigating the mob during the riots. (Courtesy: TS)