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Sale of essential commodities sans green vegetables streamlined in Dimapur

Dimapur, April 17: The Dimapur District administration has streamlined the sale of essential commodities in the district after two days of the sealing of MP road and GS road of the district which houses major business establishments of wholesale items of grocery and vegetable items after a COVID-19 positive case was detected on a person from Marwari Patty area.
Talking to Nagaland Page, Administrator of Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Albert Ezung said that the district administration has earmarked all the godowns of Dimapur outside the quarantine zone as wholesale market where retailers can purchase basic food items such as rice, dal, onion, potatoes.
He said, “Shopkeepers from colonies and subdivisions can go and purchase the essential food items from there.”
On enquiring on the specifications of essential goods, Albert said, essential goods means only the basic essentials commodities like rice, dal, cooking oil, potatoes and onions.
When queried on the locations of the godown he said one godown will be near Ghorapatty area for people to buy their essential food items. (See Details)
When further queried on the non availability of vegetables, fish and meat in the market, Albert Ezung confirmed on the non availability of vegetable items, fish and meat in Dimapur and said due to the sealing of the vegetable wholesale market at Naga Bazaar, MP road, and placement of the entire stretch of area under quarantine zone there is scarcity of green leaves and vegetables in Dimapur.
“We are trying to bring in green leaves and vegetables from nearby villages and one designated area has been identified for the sale of green leaves and vegetables in Super Market area”, he said and added that once the DC issues permits for the sale of green leaves and vegetables in Super Market area, then the sale will come up.
When enquired on the sale of fish, chicken and meats, Albert Ezung replied that no sale of fish, chicken and meat is going to take place in the godown or in the Super Market area as of now due to non availability in the market.
On sale of chicken and meats, he said so far chicken and fish are concerned, if it can be locally brought then there can be a sale or else from Assam or any other neighbouring states we are not allowing anyone to bring in anything. (Page News Service)