Thursday, September 23, 2021
Page Mail

Safety for women

Dear Madam,
When a man walks around topless, it’s because they feeling are hot. But if a woman walks around with a string tops, she is seeking for attention and to be taken advantage of. If a man goes out at night, it is because that’s how a man is, but if a woman goes out at night, she’s characterless. If a man speaks up for himself, he is considered a hero, but if a woman voices out her thoughts, she is considered as manner less and has attitude problem. The so called ‘gender stereotype’ must come to an end, and understand the fact that women are no less than men. Women are fighting for their equal rights alongside men everywhere around the world, but till date, all we see on the news is how women are raped, abused and mistreated in different ways. It’s time to give women the opportunity to live life in ways where they do not have to constantly worry about who will abuse or rape them, instead provide an environment where they will feel safe and at ease.
Ati, Dimapur