Thursday, September 28, 2023

Russia rubbishes report on Kashmir; says it is Indo-Pak bilateral issue

Indo Pak

New Delhi, February 7: Russia has rubbished a Russian media report describing Kashmir as another Palestine in the making and reaffirmed its position that it is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan.
The assertion came days after Redfish digital media outlet tweeted a trailer of a new documentary on Kashmir and carried a line mentioning the allegation.
The Redfish media has been categorised on Twitter as a “Russia state-affiliated media”.
“The Russian official position on the issue of Kashmir and Russia’s principled stance on non-interference in bilateral disputes remain unchanged,” the Russian embassy said in a statement.
“The solution should be found between India and Pakistan only, and it should be based on the achieved agreements, including the Simla Agreement of 1972 and the Lahore Declaration of 1999,” it said.
The embassy also said that the “misleading label of the channel” on Twitter as ‘Russia state-affiliated media’ does not make it automatically related to any state support.
“The channel functions independently with regard to its editorial policy. However, it is hoped that the complexity and historical background of this and other regional issues will be given due understanding and balanced approach, which is expected from any professional media,” the embassy said.
On its website, Redfish described itself as a multi-award-winning digital content creator. (PTI)