Rumbles in NIT Nagaland contained

Rumbles in NIT Nagaland contained

Dimapur, October 9: Around 70 protesting students of NIT Nagaland threatening to leave the NIT Nagaland campus at Chumukedima since Sunday evening withdrew their agitation late Tuesday afternoon after assurance from NIT authorities to look into their grievances.
The protesting students, all from outside Nagaland, alleged that they are being threatened by local students and demanded deployment of Central security forces in the campus.
Reportedly there was an altercation between two groups of students in the campus after a programme on Friday, which made some students insecure in the campus giving rise to the demand for deployment of Central forces.
This is the first time that NIT Nagaland has faced protest from students since its establishment some 8 years back. But tension had been building up in the campus for some time between local students and some group of non-local students this academic semester if earlier incident this year in the campus is any indication.
According to NIT officials, the latest altercation is the third such incident between students this semester. In the earlier incident, officials said a local student was assaulted by 5 non-local students in the campus. This incident was caught in the CCTV installed in the campus, and disciplinary action was taken against the errant students. The other incident also involved physical confrontation between a local and non-local student, NIT officials said.
On Monday when Nagaland Page visited the NIT, the agitating students were camped near the entrance of the campus with bags threatening to leave the campus unless Central forces were deployed in the campus immediately or the authorities give written assurance to deploy them.
Registrar of NIT Nagaland, Binod Doley told Nagaland Page that the issue was blown out of proportion following instigation by some senior students after a minor dispute between two groups of students on Friday. There was some shoving and pushing among students of the two groups in which 2 students (one from each group) sustained some bruises, said NIT officials of the incident.
The NIT officials said the incident was immediately brought to their notice and the Disciplinary Committee of the institution investigated that matter and found that some senior students (non-locals) had instigated the juniors stating that “the locals are threatening the non-locals in the campus”.
However, NIT registrar Binod Doley rubbished such claims, saying not all non-locals were agitating demanding security in the campus. Only students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan were protesting, and students from other parts of the country including those from Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, etc., attended normal classes today, he said.
The NIT Nagaland has students from all over the country and more than 50% of the students are non-locals.
Officials said the Disciplinary Committee has already taken their decision and at least 10 students have been punished for the incident.
On the demand of some students to deploy Central security forces, an official said, “How can we deploy the Central forces within one day? And even if that is provided, it would be stationed at the entry gate only. Their demand is unreasonable and we can’t give them any written assurance.”
The officials also warned that they would even contemplate to take extreme steps, if the students continue with their agitation.
Meanwhile, in the evening the agitating students held a meeting with NIT authorities and held threadbare discussion over their demands. The meeting agreed to set up a tripartite committee consisting of students, both local and non-local, faculty members and officials to look into their grievances.
In the meeting, the authorities also told the students that it would not be possible for them to deploy the Central security forces in NIT Nagaland due to various reasons.
After the meeting, the agitating students have gone back to their hostels, officials informed. (Page News Service)