Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Ruling alliance tried to crush only regional party – NPF: Dr Liezietsu


KOHIMA, MARCH 18: NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu today accused the ruling alliance (NDPP-BJP) of trying to crush his party in the just concluded Nagaland Assembly elections while calling his two winners as ‘big winners’.
He said this during the felicitation programme of the two winning NPF MLAs – Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu from Phek seat and Achumbemo Kikon from Bhandaru A/C.
“Besides many difficulties that NPF have faced before the election, we have seen that the last election was purely a money game, it was like a gambling bout where the highest bidder becomes the winner”, he said.
Dr Liezietsu lamented that it was an election in name only in which political ideology and principles had no place; even an election manifesto had no meaning for the people.
“With their money power and other Government machineries, the ruling alliance had put in maximum efforts to crush NPF, the only regional political party in Nagaland. Against all these onslaughts, our two MLAs survived and, therefore, I call them ‘Big Winners’, he said.
Saying that there were 10 political parties that participated in the last election, while 9 were National political parties, NPF was the only regional political party, he said that NPF secured only 2; but there is no reason to be discouraged because this is the only party which has its roots in the Naga society and on the Naga soil, the rest are all migratory political parties in nature.
He encouraged the two MLAs to once again hold the NPF fort with pride saying that “from this stem having its root in the unique history of our people, new sooth will sprout when spring comes which may not be far behind”.
In spite of facing all these odds, many took interest to contest the election on an NPF ticket and in the process, the party received 39 applications, he said.
“After proper screening, we have issued tickets to only 22 candidates whom we believe have better chances of winning if the party could support them financially to some certain extent. We have taken this decision without having least idea that the parties that are in power were having such huge preparations to finish the only regional political party in Nagaland”, he said.
The NPF president expressed that the party failed to understand “why they (other parties) harboured such grudge against this small party which represents the identity of the Nagas”.
As a result, he said there was a huge flow of money which we have never seen before.
Expressing that elections come and go every five years, members of the Legislative Assembly also keep on changing but the party goes on with no change, Dr Liezietsu asked all NPF leaders to remain alert and see that they keep their flock together.
“When the honeymoon period of the ruling group is over, you will find some changes start taking place from time to time and your turn will come to welcome others to your fold”, he said.
Remarking that many of NPF’s old friends had gone astray in search of greener pasture, but some of them have landed in places where they can neither go forward nor backward, he said, “We can invite them to come back home because there is no place like home but there is no hurry.”
NPF Legislature Party Leader Kuzholuzo Nienu called upon the party men and women to own moral responsibility and accept defeat with humility and not be disheartened for winning only two seats.
He said winning two seats is not the end of the oldest regional party in the State – NPF, he said while calling for the revival of the party in all force.
He also encouraged the party leaders and functionaries saying that they should work towards creating the best situation with the worst results and also take very seriously on how best they can revive the party under Dr Liezietsu.
NPF legislature whip and secretary general Achumbemo Kikon said that NPF is a party that belongs to the Naga people and those who fought from the party are the ones who love Naga people while only the brave ones decided to contest from this party.
Saying that the NPF is still a strong regional party and from 1964 to 2023 has never scored ‘nil’, Kikon asked all to work towards strengthening the grassroots workers and ensure to take the Naga people forward.
He also asserted that he along with Azo will represent the party in the Assembly to the best of their ability to ventilate and voice out the rights and grievances of the Naga people.
“We must not lose heart”, he said while also trying to give hope to the party saying that, “A day will come all the elected and unelected will assemble in NPF for a better Naga homeland”.
NPF Manipur State unit president and Minister Awangbow Newmai said other parties may come and go but they are not counted as a Naga peoples party as only NPF is considered as the true representative of the Nagas.
“People say NPF is finished after the recent election but NPF have come across so much political turbulence in the past and this is only an electoral process and we are still strong as a party and will continue to fight strongly”, he said.
Asking the party leaders and functionaries not to be discouraged, he said NPF is a political party which truly represents the people at the grassroots level and also the marginalized section which will regain its fort soon.
NPF working president Apong Pongener chaired the programme while former State Chaplain Rev K Luruo offered prayers. NPF working president Pusazo Lurüo delivered the welcome address while working president Huska Yepthomi tendered the vote of thanks.
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