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RTI activists allege irregularities in MGNREGA fund utilization


Dimapur, March 5: Two RTI activists have revealed ‘big loopholes’ in MGNREGA utilization certificate of 2015-16 to 2017-18 under Mokokchung District.
Citing information received through RTI reply NO.DRD/RTI/AA-9/2018-19 Dated Kohima, the 12 Feb 2019, the two activists Odi Jamir and ST Yapang Lkr claimed that in Nagaland the people accept the fact that as long as they get 60% of the original amount, they don’t complain. However, they claimed that there is discrepancies in the utilization of the actual funds allotted for the scheme – the villagers get only 15-20% of their actual share, while 80-85% of the total money is “pocketed by the authorities.”
Citing some “suspicious conducts” of MGNREGA scheme of 2015-16 to 2017-18, the two activists said under Changtongya block, there is an expenditure of Rs 14,12,693 for making fishery pond at Changtongya village. They, however, claimed that “there is no fishery pond”.
Fund for 2016-17 at Changtongya Yimsen Village shows that 5 black topping roads were constructed which is ridiculous. It also shows that a lot of retaining walls were being constructed at Unger Village; therefore we will go and have a thorough inspection. Under Changtongya block, in the year 2016-17 Rs 1,49,99,430 was allocated to Changtongya, Yangyimsen – Rs 1,86,69,068, Changtongya Yimsen – Rs 46,13,968, Akhoya – Rs 81,97,177, Unger – Rs 1,03,00560 and Kilengmen – Rs 73,32,718 for legal wage employment.
The RTI activists also stated that there are 34 BDO/RDO/APO under deputation and contract basis (there were 35 but one of resigned). It said there are 9 BDOs in Mokokchung District, out of which 6 are under deputation and on a contract basis. (Full Text)
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