Thursday, April 15, 2021

RTA Kohima reviews SOP for city buses/taxis

Dimapur, September 7: The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Kohima had a meeting on September 4 at the Office Chamber of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kohima.
The meeting decided the following SOPs for city bus and taxi operation, where seating arrangement in bus should be in zigzag manner leaving alternate vacant seats to maintain social distancing, and no standing passengers will be allowed. Every bus should be sanitized/ fumigated at the end of each day. Every driver and conductor should wear a face mask and also ensure that no passenger is allowed in the bus without a face mask. Hand sanitizer should be made available in the bus for passengers while boarding. Passengers are also asked to carry necessary fare to maintain minimum contact.
Further, in view of the current pandemic bus fare per passenger was fixed at Rs 20 till September 30 and will be reviewed with further relaxations in the SOP. Every bus owner should make sure that a transparent barrier between the driver’s cabin and passenger area is made to avoid contact. Driver and conductor should remain inside their vehicle and avoid group gathering or assembly at the work place.
With no scope to maintain social distancing, two-wheeler taxi services will remain suspended till further notice.
In a taxi only 3 passengers are allowed – one beside the driver and two in the backseat and taxi fares will remain at Rs. 25 per passenger.
Checking will be carried out from time to time by the District administration, police and M.V. Department. The new SOP for city bus and taxi services came into effect from September 7.
(Page News Service)