RSZ inform commuters on NH-2


Dimapur, July 8: The Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ) has informed travelers of NH-2 Rengma area that there are reports of vehicle theft and some unscrupulous persons patrolling around the highway causing harassment and threatening passersby for the past few days.
Taking serious note of this, the RSZ informed that it has deployed quick response team all over the area to oversee the situation. Apologizing to the victims who have suffered the harassment, the RSZ said it will not tolerate any such anti social activities within its jurisdiction and warned that henceforth any persons or group found loitering around and disturbing peace in the area would be punished.
The RSZ also appealed to the administration and police to check such anti-social activities in the area and assured full cooperation to the law enforcing agencies to clean the mess. It also appeal to the drivers and travelers to take extra care and caution as the ongoing widening of highway is causing slippery and risk driving due to heavy rainfall. Any travelers can contact the following for any assistance: 7005644315, 9612316129, 7005633055, 7630098727, 9383045732, 9615375695, 9612362304.
(Page News Service)