Tuesday, August 3, 2021

RSUD elects new office bearers

Dimapur, September 23: The Rongmei Students Union Dimapur (RSUD) has observed its 29th Foundation Day on September 22. During the program, installation of new office bearers for the tenure 2019- 2022 was also conducted at Rongmei Customary Court, Chungaizaeng Rongmei Colony, Burma camp.
The program was chaired by Soihiamliu Thaimei, General Secretary RSON, program commenced with an Invocation pronounced by Chungailung Gonmei, Deacon of Dimapur Rongmei Baptist Church, Introduction and welcome address was delivered by Kambui Dangmei, a senior member of RSUD and former General Secretary of DNSU. Exhortation Speech was delivered by Thaban Rongmei, President of Rongmei Community Dimapur, Againa Gonmei, President of Rongmei Women Society Dimapur, Makuran Dangmei President of Rongmei Youth Club Dimapur and voluntary speech was delivered by Mr. Ajenpu Dangmei, General Secretary RYCD.
Brief report of Search Committee for new team of RSUD was read out by Convener, Raajellung Gonmei, Convener in its report stated that Chunthailung Kamei was re-elected for the new tenure along with some old colleagues also with newly elevated members from executives. The new Team for the tenure 2019-2022 was declared with Chunthailung Kamei-president; Lanilu Kamson-vice president; Lankhonlu Gonmei-general secretary; Sangamlung Dangmei-assistant general secretary; Lanthui Kamei-finance secretary; Bruno Kamei-information and publicity secretary; Namjaigai Longmei-education and statistic secretary; Elizabeth Dangmei-social and culture secretary; Michael Malangmei-games and sports secretary; Maringanglu Christina-speaker and Pouhiam Gangmei-assembly secretary.
(Page News Service)