Sunday, July 14, 2024

RSU celebrates 74th Naga Independence Day

rengma students unionDimapur, August 14: The Rengma Students’ Union (RSU) celebrated the 74th Naga Independence Day on August 14 at the historic site, Parashen, the place where the Naga National Flag of the then newly formed Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) was first hoisted on March 22, 1956.
The program, chaired by Heiko Kent, President RSU, opened with a Bible passage and prayer followed by the unfurling of the Naga National Flag.
Speaking on the occasion, Kenneth Kath, President RSZ, in his solidarity message, riterated that the Rengma people have always remained steadfast in the political history of the Nagas and would continue to press forward until the aspiration of the Naga people is realised.
He called upon the international community to acknowledge and honour “our unique identity, our rights, our rich tradition and cultural practices and of our very existence as a free people,” while urging for unity among the various stakeholders and the Naga people in general.
Kegwayhun Tep, Secretary Education NSF, also delivered a solidarity message on the occasion. Paying his homage and respect in memory of all those who have died, Tep added that the younger generation shall remain indebted for the sacrifices made by the men and women who gave up their lives for the identity and sovereignty of the Naga people.
He further added that the occasion calls for “each one of us to reflect back on all the past leaders and martyrs on whose sacrifices we now stand today”, while also extending solidarity to “the Nationalists at present who have dedicated their lives in pursuing the aspirations of the Naga people”.
Words of Gratitude was delivered by Kegwalo Math, General Secy RSU, followed by the concluding remark before the program ended.
The program was attended by officials from NSF, RSU, RSZ and students and well-wishers from the Rengma community. (Page News Service)