Thursday, October 29, 2020

RSCF resolves on Naga solution

Dimapur, September 26: The Rengma Senior Citizens’ Forum (RSCF) held its meeting on September 26 at Tseminyu with respect to the Indo-Naga political issue and took the stand that any political settlement between India and Nagas must include Naga national flag and Naga Constitution (Yehzabo) for the accord to be considered honourable and acceptable.
The meeting strongly urged the GoI to settle the Naga issue based on the Framework Agreement of 3rd August, 2015, and the Agreed Position of 17th November, 2017. The forum also urged all stakeholders to speak in unison so as to usher in a one Naga accord based on our unique political history and identity.
The forum further took the stand that at a Naga Accord secured at this juncture would be the result of collective sacrifices of all the Naga tribes irrespective of artificial boundaries and efforts to compartmentalize the Naga issue should be avoided at all costs. The forum resolved that it will stand for an inclusive solution covering all Naga inhabited areas. (Page News Service)